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Basically I'm Fine

digital release

DIDASCALIS - BASICALLY I'M FINE: the "second half" of LOSS


As announced at the release of the second Didascalis work (LOSS), BASICALLY I'M FINE it is the subsequent closing of a period of work, composition and methodical.

The "new" tracks were made in different years with different intentions, and some rebuilt especially for this release.

The guests / collaborators are now limited to my friend and trusted musical partner Andrea 'Andy G' Guerrini, which embellishes with his trumpet and flugelhorn 3 of the 10 tracks.


A brief note, as my usual, on each "paragraph" of this auditory read...


EXCUSE ME ... WHERE'S THE OASIS? and WAITING are part of the pre-Didascalis era, when the first compositions were played exclusively live ... and only for a droll mistake I can say that they are “first cousins”, since WAITING is born by the wrong use of the EMWTO? Pattern, during the long wait for a musician friend who had gone to his car to take the sax ....! (2002 approx), the similarity is no accident ...

once decided to make the studio version I thought it appropriate and adequate recall something of "desert" in the first one, playing a short and simple solo with the instrument I’m graduated in: the oboe.

While in the second I entrusted the task to Andy G.



When I was asked to make the cover of a song that was the soundtrack of a James Bond movie, for a chill-out compilations dedicated entirely to the music of 'the spy licensed to kill', (Licensed To Chill - MODA Music Fashion November 24, 2008), I picked up one of the bands to which I’m more linked by a matter of age, that is Duran Duran.

For reasons of time I made it very quickly, but I’ve decided anyway to re-release it in a moreDidascalisy context without modification, for those who have not heard it yet.


HYPNOSIS and BY THE END belong to the Noises Beyond period (, but for some reason are not finished on that project. HYPNOSIS would have a slight taste to the Thievery Corporation sound, and BY THE END is the "second part" of WHAT IF (LOSS), where I began to experience with a higher bmp than my usual.


LIFE IS A TAPE (03/14/2007) I believe is the gem of this small handful of songs. The "demo", as it was, did not get through the opinion of my publisher, and then remained in storage for quite a while.

Played new, re-arranged in 2011, was sent to Andy G for "curiosity" saying that "the song was already well done and finished "....

I was wrong.

Now it is. (Thanks Andy ...)


SOMETHING I FORGOT is part of an attempt I did to make music for documentary that never came to fruition.

Failed attempt, so much that I had forgotten to have it made, hence the title....


BASICALLY I'M FINE has to do with the usual questions to be asked about heart, about relationships, about being in love or alone, in which "basically you’re fine."

It should have a different sound, inspired by a song that had kidnapped my heart at that time (late October 2008), but my pop soul had it better...

or worse ?....


A STRANGE AFTERNOON was the very first experiment (just before MEMORIES - BMOASSB -), experimenting and playing with the first virtual instruments (2001 approx).

Revived in 2011, keeping just the harmonic structure, I gave it a little more chill and less funky taste, and since the first version muted trumpet solo (with a fake one) I said to myself "why not put a real trumpet on, since I know one of the best trumpet player in Romagna ???".

The result came out really nice, and along with LIFE IS A TAPE can be said to be "the two real news of the entire unreleased material"....


BUT NOT TONIGHT, second cover present in BIF was born just the time of  a night because of one person, in 2007, and frankly should not even be a song of Didascalis repertoire.

This derives also from the mood in which it was sung.

Initially it was just a mixture of pads and vocals, played almost ad libitum;

later, on recommendation of friends, I completed the arrangement, and I think it deserves to be heard.


As mentioned previously BASICALLY I'M FINE, closes a period and marks the third chapter in DIDASCALIS discography, confirming a more unique sound, although contaminated by so many artists and inspirations of all kinds.


In digital download from 3rd February  2012 to AltaModa.





released 10 February 2012 
Lyrics, sounds, vocals, occasional electric bass & production: Davide Marani 
guest musician: 
Andrea 'Andy G' Guerrini - trumpet







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