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Enjoy My Wrong Shoes

digital release & CD

 Produced, arranged, played, sung and concieved by Davide Marani between september & december 2011 @ Mystudio 

All tracks written by Martin Lee Gore except "Springtime” written by Davide Marani 
...when you are in love with a band from the age of 13 and you reach nearly 40, it's quiet easy to dive in their musical world wearing your own personal “musical outfit”... 
I picked up some of my favourite tracks, but not all, because I want to keep the pleausre of listening to some other in their original version :-) ... let's say that, the ones gathered here, were the most perfect to match with my musical vision... and some other have been suggested... 
I have blended together my various musical likes (to put in the arrangments); 
my various musical latter improvments (to put in the production); 
asked help to some musician friends (to give that taste “not all of mine”), and I hope you will enjoy this as much as I did when I was on the run... 
Depeche Mode have been the soundtrack for a big part of my life, they have been my first big love in music, and I can say I ought to them what I have become... later other artists will influence my mind, but DM are my pioneers... 
So this tribute, is my way to say thank you to them, although they will never know or care! ...who cares!... :-) 
It should have been a long deadline project, but, except for the finishing touches, it has been a pleasant rush, that had to rest for a while since “Basically I'm Fine” was going to be released in January 2012, closing the trilogy of my first works... 
as I usually say: is it lounge? Chillout? Deep house? ...listen & like: it's Didascalis...
released 12 July 2013 
Valentino Bianchi soprano sax on 06 
Francesca 'Frensy' Castorri vocals & backing vocals on 02, 07 & 09 
Gionata Costa cello on 01 
Andrea 'Andy G' Guerrini trumpet, muted trumpet & brass section on 04, 07 & 13 
Mauro Mosciatti electric guitar solo on 05 & 12 
Davide Marani electric bass on 03 & 12 and shakers here & there... 
Artwok & photos by Marco Leonardi – -








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