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Life Is A Tape 2007​-​2017

Digital Download

I was going to release a 'best of' for the 10 year career, and as any collection that respects, it should have included some unreleased or alternative versions. 

I started collecting some tracks, remastering some of them, digging the archives for unreleased material, and at the end of the day I found myself with 11 tracks. 
Virtually an album. 

Agreed with my label, I've welcomed the suggestion of adding another couple of songs, and put out next release as an 'album', not to confuse and surrender the new material, while the 'best of' will be out later this year. 

Both always and only in digital, the album on all download and streaming platforms, while the 'best of' only for iTunes at a very low price. 

'Life Is A Tape 2007 - 2017' will not be a real album as "23:32" was conceived and the tracklist will consist of: 

- a 12 minutes suite I never dared to release before 

- the original version of 'Springtime', so far only available in 'Remix' 

- 2 covers released last year in "Papeetecafé Saudade" plus another cover that did not find room in the tracklist of the same 

- 2 instrumental tracks with Andy G, part of 4 experiments, one of which, "Essence" has recently been released by Lounge Masters. 

- 1 remastered track and one remastered and revisited from the first album 'Beautiful Memories ...' 

- a new version of 'Basically I'm Fine' 

- 1 track that was initially instrumental for a commercial project and I turned it into a song 

- 1 song that comes to its third garment 

- And finally a track composed yet before Didascalis released something officially, even dating back to 2003, but never done in the studio to this day. 

So I can say that the seventh album will be a collection-non-collection, with the sound and flavor that distinguishes my latest productions. 

I forgot: it will be called 'Life Is A Tape 2007 - 2017' because it also contains a new, almost acoustic version of 'Life Is A Tape', featuring Garduz - who since playing live with me, adores this song, and sang by Mary. 

After all, I think 'Life Is A Tape's' lyrics are one of the deepest and most original things I've ever written. 

P.S. As usual, each track will be posted along with a description and a story about it. 

P.P.S It will be a more downtempo album than I wished, so: relaaaaaaaax 



released June 26, 2017 

Didascalis – Life Is A Tape 2007-2017 

Davide Marani: 

vocals, keyboards, programming/production, acoustic & nylon guitars, electric bass, shakers 

Andrea ' Andy G' Guerrini: 
mute & open trumpet, flugelhorn, mellophone, brass section on 04, 06, 09, 11, 13 

Luca ' Garduz' Gardini: 
alto sasxophone on 'Life Is A Tape 2017' 

Maria 'Mary' Passaro: 
lead vocal on 'Life Is A Tape 2017' 

01, 02, 03, 05, 08, 10, 12 written by Davide Marani







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