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DIDASCALIS - LOSS: a brief introduction by Davide Marani.

LOSS could be considered the first time a movie or a show.

The first release as DIDASCALIS for M.O.D.A. Music Fashion goes back to 2007, and is basically a collection of individual songs created one by one and without a thread, that Andrea Corelli decides to join in a digital release, once reached the required number.


After that I continued to compose, so many things, and without a definite direction.

Comes a cover of "Waiting For The Night" by Depeche Mode ... attempts a deep-house and minimal ... I work with Valentino Bianchi of Quintorigo and get back in touch with Daniele Caprelli, who has worked in previous tracks ...

And yet I compose ... 

I try to create a tracklist similar to BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES, by simply titled "2" when three things happen:

1st: January 2010 my father's loss, who was also a musician and listener to all my creations, and was born the song "Loss (for my Dad)."

2nd: I find I have careless and silent followers in the digital music world, so I ask Andrea to release a second work.

3rd: I find myself with too many numbers for a single release.

We decide therefore to collect as many songs ready as possible, restore and re-publish some others to compile two albums.

In total there are 24 tracks: twelve and twelve. That's why I said LOSS is the first time...

The basic ingredients of inspiration are "inevitable": night, the sounds of nature, heartbreak, electronic which merges with acoustic and wind instruments and Depeche Mode, my great passion. 

I think it's fair the title should be changed from "2" to "LOSS": a small tribute to a very important person.

Open "Let Me Breathe" with its feeling of floating in a pond, nose above water, mouth beneath and the gaze is lost in the small waves created by the movement of the body.

"Maybe" would be the heir of "Memories" but dangerously touching the pop world, leaving the chill-out.

"Loss (for my Dad)" offers a brief voice cameo (the only lyrics that came across my mind at such an event) which recalls the Level 42, but then is distracted by an accordion wrapped in electronics. 

"The Night" which was previously released is re-sung, re-mixed and enriched by the trumpet of Andrew "Andy G" Guerrini, and bears the label of "restored 2011" as for "I'll Fly With You" and "Together", the latter enhanced by the voice of Erika Tozzi and soprano sax of Daniele 'Dano' Caprelli (also present in "Could It Be" on flute).

"In The Afternoon" is my favorite one. One of those songs that hasn't hypnotic riffs or solos, but makes you listen to it over and over again ...

Sorry: it makes ME...

"What If" lifts up bmps, was born to couples with another track ended up in the other dozen.

"LOSS" and its follow-up, or if you want to "second time" (tentatively titled "BASICALLY I'M FINE") go to close a period: a period of compositions, inspirations, memories, and tech equipment that will remain in the world of digital downloads as paintings on display for everyone.

The context for DIDASCALIS is basically chill-out or electronic lounge, but when I'm listening to established artists in these genres, I perceive to be far from that, to look like but at the same time do not belong.

DIDASCALIS has its own sound: the sound of DIDASCALIS.









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