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Me, Myself & Someone Else

2-CD set, digital release

Conceived, arranged & produced by Davide Marani, with a musical help by guest musicians.

CD 1 (Someone Else)

01 SMALLTOWN BOY – written by L. Cole / S. Bronski / J. Somerville / W. F. Steven / L. Steinbachek, originally performed by Bronski Beat
02 WEST END GIRLS – written by N. Tennant / C. Lowe, originally performed by Pet Shop Boys
03 ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE – written by P. Collins, originally performed by Phil Collins
04 CALLING YOU – written by B. Telson, originally performed by Jevetta Steele
05 CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD – written by C. Dennis / R. Davis originally performed by Kylie Minogue
06 CRAZY – written by Brian Joseph Burton, originally performed by Gnarls Barkley
07 EVERY LITTLE THING SHE DOES IS MAGIC – written by Sting, originally performed by The Police
08 SAILING – written by C. Cross, originally performed by Christopher Cross
09 WEST END GIRLS (Lounge Flavour) – written by N. Tennant / C. Lowe, originally performed by Pet Shop Boys
10 ON THE BEACH – written by C. Rea, originally performed by Chris Rea
11 FRAGILE – written by Sting, originally performed by Sting
12 SUNRISE – written by S. Allen / D. Hall / M. Hucknall / J. Oates, originally performed by Simply Red

CD 2 (Me, Myself)

01 SHARE – written by D. Marani
02 FIREWORKS (unplugged feat. Andy G) - written by D. Marani
03 QUIETLY (feat. Frensy) - written by D. Marani
04 YET TO COME (Album Version) - written by D. Marani
05 IMPROVISATION IN ME - written by D. Marani
06 MEMORIES (unplugged) - written by D. Marani
07 MIRAGE - written by D. Marani
08 SUNSET EMOTIONS (feat. Garduz) - written by D. Marani
09 NEVER ALONE - written by D. Marani
10 RAINFALL (2014 feat. Garduz) - written by D. Marani
11 KILLING THE TIME (feat. Valentino Bianchi) - written by D. Marani / V. Bianchi
12 FLOATING AWAY - written by D. Maran fifth album: I succeeded well in covering SOMEONE ELSE's songs, but needed to release something of ME, brand new, and re-work some of the first tracks I wrote by MYSELF... so, here it is... hope you like!







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