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White Christmas featuring Andy G on ITUNES


So, the story is this.

I sent my version of "White Christmas" to my label to see if they were anyhow interested or somewhat.


SOUNDFADE" - Stereo Touch & Relight Orchestra ft. Didascalis (OFFICIAL VIDEOCLIP)


Afterwards I've posted the Re-Light Orchestra version, here is a video edit of the original track, which I'm featured!
Oh how I much enjoy making video! So much fun! 

White Christmas featuring Andy G


Me & Andy (G) will deliver a Christmas track this year...

MORE PICTURE from Singita Performance


Always from August 11, 2014... This time, a beautiful color footage by Valentina Cavallini...


Didascalis LIVE Experience @ Singita Miracle Beach


What a great performance we did on August 11, 2014...



"West End Girls" a week before the release of my fifth album "Me, Myself & Someone Else" under the pseudonym Didascalis.
In contrast to the digital single "Wrong" which contained two tracks from the album "Enjoy My Wrong Shoes", this EP contains 4 tracks not on the album as well as the single.

New Featuring


...many artists (more famous than me obviously  ) have lent their voice for a featuring, although different from the genre in which they are doing - Jim Kerr, Dave Gahan, Lenny Kravitz - just to name few... 
SO, this time it's my turn...



From a while on, I started to upload some podcast on Mixcloud site, driven by some other professional friends djs...

WRONG featured on The Nightfly Suite vol.2


With immense pride, a cover, pure MY style, of a band that I love since I was 13, peeping into one of the most important compilations of its kind.

It's Called A Heart video shooting


Yesterday we did the shooting for the upcoming Didascalis video.

I chose 'It's Called A Heart' since it is the song with more positive feedback amongst all...

We filmed it on the beach not too far from where I live, featuring Andrea 'Andy G' Guerrini who really played brass section and trumpet solo in the song itself, and Daniele Zandoli on double bass...

I also had the appearance of 3 belly dancers, friends of mine, and director is Matteo Santi as for 'Wrong' video

This should be ready for late october/early november...

Here are a couple of shots :-)


All toghether!








Listen on Spotify to the new album