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ENJOY MY WRONG SHOES on CD out in shop


I have been in informed that finally SELF distribution accepted to provide EMWS in digipack format audio cd in all the music stores.

This means that will be available in music stores, and throughout Amazon too, or following the link below.


DIDASCALIS - Killing The Time: an (un)official album


Killing The Time is a compilation of tunes old and new, composed in spare moments to kill the time, to have fun, to fight melancholy, while waiting for something to arrive but without knowing exactly what.

DASCALIS – BASICALLY I'M FINE: il “secondo tempo” di LOSS


As announced at the release of the second Didascalis work (LOSS), BASICALLY I'M FINE it is the subsequent closing of a period of work, composition and methodical.

Didascalis - LOSS - release date: 24.06.2011 (M.O.D.A. Music Fashion)


LOSS could be considered the first time a movie or a show.







Listen on Spotify to the new album