No Tears, No Fears


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In 2013 Didascalis released the acclaimed "Enjoy My Wrong Shoes" album, homage to one of his all-time favourite band, that is Depeche Mode. The choice was picked up amongst other bands were left behind.

After a long hiatus, working with lot of love to each track without any hurry or pressure, "No Tears, No Fears" is a homage to the duo formed by Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith, Tears For Fears.

A dozen of songs that were and still are evergreen, huge singles, but some of these are also linked to beloved moments of life, like 'Power' or 'Laid So Low', the latter in common with a dear friend who prematurely passed away in november 2019.

There is some kind of maturity in this work that hopefully will please both new listeners as well old ones.

As much as they are covers of famous songs, the reinterpretation here and there has the flavor as if it were an original composition.

Maybe the next album will be entirely composed of original songs, but for the moment, this is a good return for Didascalis

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