DIDASCALIS - Killing The Time: an (un)official album

Killing The Time is a compilation of tunes old and new, composed in spare moments to kill the time, to have fun, to fight melancholy, while waiting for something to arrive but without knowing exactly what.


Yet To Come was born listening to something similar and to play around with a new classical guitar I bought... by mistake I put a distortion over it and that's what I came up with...


While searching the chords for Calling You I recorded the loop...

It was so magical I had to build around the whole arrangment and ask Andy to put a solo on.

Sailing was a similar consequence.


During 2012 summer I felt the urge of doing something unplugged for a mysterious 'Best Of' which was floating around inside my mind only, so I picked up Fireworks and Memories, two of the most electronic tracks from my first release. Not satisfied with the first vocal attempt of Memories (which became the official one) I had the chance to record it brand new. Now I'm happy with it. 


Quietly, Never Alone and Floating Away were attempts to play the new classical guitar although I am not a guitar player at all indeed.

Anyway they came out pretty fine, in a very chillout mood, which often misses in my compositions.


Tequila Sunrise is the first track on which Andy put his touch, and we met each other a couple of days before. The start of a great friendship and collaboration.

A deep-house version belongs to the D.A.F. Project (me & Andy) but God only knows who will release it and when. This version appears as hidden bonus track in Basically I'm Fine album on BandCamp.

That's why it is for free.


This version of Springtime is the first attempt which was intended to be included on the Enjoy My Wrong Shoes album. I love the beat of a kick drum, not necessarily recalling dance music.

After a friend suggested me to change the version, the new one was chosen for the album leaving this one a poor orphan.

Let's give it a home.


Superstar is basically the basic track I used to record vocals for Re-Light Orchestra 2013 version. Once they had all of my takes, lead vocal was excellenty done by David Laudat, with all mines used as backing vocals. Since it was almost crafted, I finished it and did my version.


Killing The Time is "the need to make another Exhausted", which is one of my favourite track of me (lol). So I went back to the old project and used some saxophone takes of my mate Valentino from the same session back in time. I think I succeded in what I was aiming.


Listening to all of them i felt upset in not being able to share them with people; every now and then they sound so beautiful.

It is not an official release, but just made to kill the time.




All songs written by Davide Marani except Sailing written by Christopher Cross, Calling You written by Bob Telson, Tequila Sunrise written by Don Henley & Glen Frey, Superstar written by Bob McGuilpin, Killing The Time written by Davide Marani & Valentino Bianchi.


All trumpet, muted trumpet, flugelhorn & brass section, backing efx vocals on Sailing: Andrea 'Andy G' Guerrini

Vocals on Quietly: Francesca 'Frensy' Castorri

Tenor saxophone on Killing The Time: Valentino Bianchi.

Everything else Davide Marani.


Artowrk by Davide Marani.


Dedicated to everyone who appreciate my art.



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