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Strange Times (Intimate)

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This is the heart of the song, without backing vocals, without other musicians, with a much more dry vocal, just like I would sing it in your living room...


These are strange times
I never would've imaging
I feel like being on a train
Stopped at the station
The landscape is moving
Inside a display

Yes these are strange times
Hours on social-media
Waiting for a bliss from a click
By any stranger
When things become square-shaped
All is ok

Watching other people's life
On device screen
Everyone starring their own world
Na na na na, na-na

Watching other people's life
With greedy eyes
Getting rid of useless weights
Na na na na, na-na

Writing songs
Killing time
Trying to find a meaning to it all
Leaving all
In the past
Trying to make more comfortable my zone