From the recording I Am / I Was

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Strange Times (feat. Andrea Guerrini & Giacomo Rocchi)

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Written during the lockdown, I tried to describe how I spent the days, the hours, mesmerized by the silent outside, the blue sky but also watching other people's lives inside the square frame of Instagram.

Written by Davide Marani, Andrea Guerrini & Giacomo Rocchi

Andrea Guerrini: open & muted trumpet, brass section
Giacomo Rocchi: drums
Everyhting else: Davide Marani


These are strange times
I never would've imaging
I feel like being on a train
Stopped at the station
The landscape is moving
Inside a display

Yes these are strange times
Hours on social-media
Waiting for a bliss from a click
By any stranger
When things become square-shaped
All is ok

Watching other people's life
On device screen
Everyone starring their own world
Na na na na, na-na

Watching other people's life
With greedy eyes
Getting rid of useless weights
Na na na na, na-na

Writing songs
Killing time
Trying to find a meaning to it all
Leaving all
In the past
Trying to make more comfortable my zone